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SCI FI, FANTASY, HORROR.  Brand new, full-cast audio dramas.
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So, your curiosity has lead you to the "About" page?  Excellent!

Pleased to meet you!  My name is Graham Richards, and I live in sunny Bognor Regis with my everso lovely wife.

I've been making and sharing audio stories since I was 8 years old, with a passion for story-telling and with a firm belief that audio is one of the strongest ever mediums to make them happen.

They've gotten a bit more ambitious over time, and in 2004, Audible Visions was born, unleashing parodies and spoofs onto the world.

It then came time in 2018, to settle down and start producing original dramas.  And here we are.

So pop on over to the Blog page and get listening!

We're everso happy to have you on board with us.

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